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Over the last few years I really have turned my health and fitness around. I lost weight, started exercising regularly and started eating better. My approach was very haphazard, my only real goal was to be able to run for long enough to be able to run away from a serial killer/monster (yes, I decided to get fit after watching a horror movie) – initially 20 minutes then 60.

I’ve always played the psychological game against myself to ensure I could get somewhere. When I first joined the gym I promised myself I could eat as much as I wanted, and drink as much coffee as I felt like as long as I kept exercising. I was so new to it all my metabolism took off so much my daily bowl of brownies and ice cream had no effect on my weight loss.

But newbie gains eventually stop. Fitness levels stop increasing without direction and time is a limiting factor. This year I ran a half-marathon – but in the process of encouraging my ability I went crazy diet-wise and would spend most of my time eating garbage and remaining ravenously hungry which continued post-race.

In an attempt to get that under control, I decided to try a low-carb/paleo diet. I’ve done low-carb diets before and just like a lot of the literature says, I found them effective in regulating my appetite and steadying my blood sugar levels (the first time I tried Atkins after almost fainting on two occasions when heading out early without breakfast). It wasn’t quite the 30 day success that I’d originally intended and too nights out with friends nulled the avoid bread/pasta/pizza/cake thing when I was being good. But I’m edging towards my aim for a diet – heavy in non-starchy vegetables, high in protein and fat, low in starches/carbohydrates aiming to avoid wheat as much as possible. I think I’ve already given up on the the idea of avoiding dairy – as long as its not been poured over cereal, I’m inclined to think I’m adapted to digest it. Oh, and negatives of coffee are too inconsequential for how wonderful it is…

For future reference – I don’t intend to source any claim I make in a personal post.


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