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Eat More Chocolate

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More studies suggesting the link between chocolate consumption and good health.


They analysed the results of seven studies, involving over 100,000 participants with and without existing heart disease. For each study, they compared the group with the highest chocolate consumption against the group with the lowest consumption. Differences in study design and quality were also taken into account to minimise bias.

Five studies reported a beneficial link between higher levels of chocolate consumption and the risk of cardiovascular events. They found that the “highest levels of chocolate consumption were associated with a 37% reduction in cardiovascular disease and a 29% reduction in stroke compared with lowest levels.” No significant reduction was found in relation to heart failure.

The studies did not differentiate between dark or milk chocolate and included consumption of chocolate bars, drinks, biscuits and desserts.


Intense Exercise best for Longevity

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A study released in the Netherlands suggesting is the intensity of the exercise that matters, not the duration. Start those intervals!


Interview with Wheat Belly’s Dr William Davis

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The Paleo Solution podcast had a great interview with Dr William Davis about his new book Wheat Belly

Interview with Dr William Davis

Interesting points – wheat has changed dramatically since ancient times but especially in the last hundred years; it’s in most processed foods; wheat consumption increases appetite and is correlated with an approximately 400 calorie increase, it has a higher glycemic hit than sugar due to enzymes that speed it’s digestion – and whole wheat is worse than white bread.

This book is going on my wishlist.

Update: found another Interview with Dr Davis, written one this time for those who don’t want to listen to it.

Dr Davis has also written an letter to the Grain Foods Foudation answering their criticisms of his book.

Vegan Challenge – fancy some self-experimentation

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For those of an experimental bent – what about removing all animal products for a month?

A good friend of mine is promoting a Vegan for a Month Challenge run by Vegan Easy. There are prizes to be won but not sure on what basis – adherence? Positive response?

Personally, I’m still trying to get myself disciplined enough to follow a 30 day Paleo challenge. I’d love to follow the blog of someone eating a paleo/primal diet trying vegan.



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In an effort to broaden my options, take advantage of cheap meat sources (eg mince) and come up with something that makes easy breakfasting leftover options to eat at work; I decided to try a meatza.

The idea is to use beef mince as the pizza base. Gets your protein count up, leaves your carb (with no need for wheat!) low and still tastes like pizza. Well that’s the theory…

I use the paleo pizza recipe from spark people but modified it based on my cupboard contents. So not having any caraway seeds may have been the problem.

Make up a bowl of herbs with a generous (ie more than the teaspoon specified) of oregano, black pepper, garlic salt and red pepper. Mix with 500g of beef mince. Mix in with a raw egg. Didn’t have any Parmesan so that didn’t get mixed into the pan

Spread on a tray and bake for about 15mins on 200c.

Once it was done I poured off the fat and made my pizza. Tomato paste, cheese, onions, olives and mushrooms. I’d precooked the onions and mushrooms so the pizza only needed another five mins.

Let it sit for about five mins.

Verdict – I got three meals out of it. Half for dinner, and two breakfasts. The main problem was how dry the meat was – draining off the fat is the only option to get the pizza effect but it’s left so dry. Maybe the Parmesan cheese would have made all the difference but even with the extra allocation of herbs the base was very bland. It also didn’t hold together well at all, so no pizza effect in terms of ‘slice of pizza’. Though i think i may have made it slightly too thick. Need a bigger pan to try again. The topping was delicious so clearly I need to incorporate more tomato sauce type dishes into my diet.

Overall, seemed too much effort for something that doesn’t really form a decent substitute. But it did seem like a decent option for breakfast though could I be bothered with this just for breakfast? Maybe I’ll try again with the changes I’ve mentioned and see if that makes it worth it.

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