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Beginning Goals Review

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So I’ve stated my New Years Resolutions. They’re a mix of fitness, health, emotional and lifestyle goals – yep, I’m going holistic in my approach. I plan to start the 30 day paleo challenge tomorrow, yes first day back at work but I think I can manage it. I’m still yet to decide if I’m going to have some completely unhealthy dessert tonight. But I do plan to work on some stretching and mobility exercises rather than a proper workout this afternoon.

Overall WellBeing

  • get eight hours sleep most nights: This is something I’ve really been bad at this year. Probably related to emotional issues and poor diet, but its certainly exacerbated my late night second wind.
  • Complete a 30 day Paleo challenge – I’ve never lasted more than a week without any ‘cheats’ and as the cheats involve gluten, I’ve never tested the theory before. I don’t think I have a problem with dairy if I avoid grains, but I’m going to try without it for the 30 days too. Caffeine and alcohol aren’t going to be cut out but I won’t be drinking as much
  • Continue eating paleo most of the time – the closer I get to following it properly the better I feel. The more wheat I bring into my diet the worse I feel. I want the bad food that I eat to be worth it, not just something I eat because I’m feeling moody
  • Smoke less – special occasions only, not as comfort food.
  • Move into my own apartment: Its about time, and I’ll feel better if I do
  • Keep my home clean and tidy:  There’s a reason a messy house is related to depression. You skip it becasue you’re depressed, the clutter is depressing. Probably related to the one above – but I need to and want to care.
  • Keep my houseplants alive: there is something very comforting about picking food off plants you have grown. How hard is it really to remember to water them every couple of days and re-pot occasionally
  • Email/Call/Skype more often with friends and family:  emotional needs are important, I need to take more time to connect with the people who matter

Fitness Goals

  • be able to do a full pull up
  • do the Survival of the Fittest and be able to get over the 6″ wall without help: last year I needed help from one person on the 6″ walls, and two people (pushed and pulled) on the 8″ walls.
  • run a half marathon in under two hours in May : managed 2hrs 1min last year. I would also not like my appetite to go haywire this year.

Creative/Lifestyle Goals

  • improve my paleo cooking – I can feed myself. I can often make quite tasty things, but I feel like I could expand my creativity and I’d like to move into making things that I can share with others that they won’t feel like I’ve got some weird diet thing going.
  • complete the beginners swing dancing course and finally be able to stay for the intermediate and social dancing
  • finish a book a month: I still think of myself as a reader despite taking months to finish a book
  • take the time to indulge my creative side at least once a week: painting, sewing, drawing, writing

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