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Advice on Achieving your Resolutions?

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New Scientist rounds up scientifically sound ways to approach weight-loss .

  • vaccination – a growing number of microbes are being linked to obesity. While only a cold virus is proved, its still another reason to look at getting round to that flu jab
  • Relax – constant stress is linked to obesity.
  • Keep cold – or at least be exposed to it to keep the fat fighting brown fat stores in your body active
  • Eat a protein rich diet – it keeps you fuller longer, and one study suggests we have a baseline requirement and will keep eating till we hit that.
  • Avoid PVC type 3 plastic – containing phthalates and BPA, known endocrine disrupters (though the current regulations say we’re using safe levels)
  • Avoid light at night, especially blue light. More reasons to blackout the bedroom
  • Avoid polluted air (like that’s possible…)
  • Sleep!

If running is one of your goals, here’s a look at the pros and cons of a marathon. Advice on eating for a marathon without resorting to sports drinks and gels. Advice on training for a marathon while minimising the chronic cardio dangers. Of course, you could go the other way.

And a reminder to keep it in perspective when focussing on the new you – what does healthy look like?


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