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Day 1 of the Primal Challenge

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I’ve taken my measurements and the never-to-see-the-light-of-day before photos. Disappointingly I found my before photos from a previous aborted challenge and pretty sure I look worse. But this time I’m going to do better! Won’t know how much I weigh till I go to the gym tomorrow night (yes I live in a house without a scale).

Diet-wise, I did OK. I had a little semi-skimmed milk in my lunchtime coffee but that was only because a colleague picked it up for me and he’d learnt my routine too well to remember I didn’t want milk today. Considering its a dash of milk in a long black, I’m still counting today as a success. I over allowed for my hunger at lunch and had brought more food than I could finish figuring it was better to be too full on healthy food than to get hungry and snack on crap. That worked for at least today. But according to my estimates on MyFitnessPal*, I’m a bit lower than I’d intended on my calories – expecting to wake up quite hungry…

Exercise: I got to cycle to work for a change! The miserable weather held off long enough for me to see clear skies and sunshine this morning and decide to brave the ride – such a mood enhancer even if the trip home was truly awful.

Sleep: far too little and I appear to be doing it again.

*I tend to pick the most accurate looking entry in Myfitnesspal so not all brand names are going to be correct…


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