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Day 4 of the Primal Challenge

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Well, today wasn’t perfect. As well as a little semi-skimmed milk, there was soy. Soy sauce in the mushroom at breakfast (which I’m pretty sure will mean wheat and gluten too) and my dessert of berries and dark chocolate. Somehow I didn’t think to check that – but after I’d eaten it I noticed the package warns of soy and soy lecithens. So not a success, but no reason to throw out the challenge.

Back to the gym today – got to try out some deadlifts on the new barbell. I’m finding it a little difficult adjusting to the weight of the barbell. You’d think spread over the bar and plates would be easier than a light barbell with plates on either end, but no  – I’m very wobbly. Decided to up the carb content today as well and cooked up some carrots and sweet potato with the remaining chorizo. Nothing too fancy but it was tasty.

I’m also still taking a little extra supplementation for the time being – two fish oil pills in the morning to counter the omega6s from the nuts last night. As well as extra potassium, magnesium and vitamin c post workout. And of course, I continue with my magnesium at night – it might be a placebo but if that’s what it takes to let me sleep without restless leg…


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