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Day 5 of the Primal Challenge

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Today was the first day back on the treadmill for the new year. Ok, technically the second – I did try for sprints on Thursday but got cramps in my legs and stopped. But this was the first day I was attempting to start the longer run training for my half-marathon in May. Thinking I was a bit low on carbs I made scrambled eggs with sweet potato as well as spinach for breakfast (quite tasty) before hitting the gym. I did feel terribly out of shape – running in a little slower than I would consider my normal pace – 9.8km/hr and had to stop twice for about forty seconds to catch my breath. Even so, I managed to get the the 25mins – despite trying to motivate myself the whole way that I’d stop at 20 if that’s what it took. Why does it seem cardiovascular fitness is so quick to lose?

I’m starting to be a bit concerned that I’m not eating enough calories. I’m not trying to lose weight via a big calorie deficit. I do want to lose weight, but I’m more concerned with getting fit, fast and strong. And I don’t want under-eating to interfere with that. Though I suppose upping my carbs today, plus the exercise, will probably mean I’m hungrier tomorrow. Must make sure I take more food than normal to work.


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