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Day 6 of the Primal Challenge

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As expected, by the time I was falling asleep last night I was hungry. I suspect hungry enough to have been part of what gave me such a terrible night’s sleep. I woke up ravenous. A little bit more indulgent than one or two boiled eggs today – how about a boiled egg wrapped in bacon? How about two boiled eggs wrapped in bacon? How about two boiled eggs wrapped in bacon with an extra slice of bacon to spare. I’m sure my colleague had no idea what to think when he offered me some biscuits later in the day and I had to say no thanks I’m watching what I eat.

Its hard to say if the decision to up my carbohydrate consumption on the weekend has helped with my muscle recovery – or if the vitamin C pills have any benefit. I’m definitely making too many changes at once for a decent judgement. Its not just the strength that I lost over December, my running fitness that has been on a steady decline since June. I’m not too surprised that I’m sore today – hey I was already sore yesterday. I’m one of those people who always seems to get at least some DOMS every time I go to the gym. I’d like to think I’m always improving but I’m not sure that’s true.

Maybe I should have rested my muscles. Potentially too much information, its also that time of the month definitely makes it harder to push myself and its so easy to justify that the easy cycle ride to work and back is enough. But its amazing when you’ve really decided, the idea that you can’t gym for the next two days, and you really can just relax at home after does motivate you. So I went. I certainly made no gains, but I think I gave myself a decent enough workout to feel good about resting up the next two days.

In terms of paleo – I brought a new container of uht treated coconut cream for my work coffees and completely forgot about it. Midmorning and lunchtime coffee were both with semi-skimmed milk. If only the cafe offered full-cream milk even if it won’t actually offer cream.


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