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Day 9 of the Primal Challenge

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So its been over a week of this healthy program. My daily calorie intake has been much reduced, but what is significant there is that its happened without a conscious effort to not eat more. A couple of times this week I’ve gotten hungry at work and had some walnuts but other that than I’m satisfied with the food I’m eating. I’ve been a bit hungrier this week, and have adjusted my food accordingly, with the exercise picking up. I’m expecting that I’ll want to eat more in general once that becomes a regular pattern again but without the crazy hunger and cravings that come (at least for me) on a more standard diet.

I feel good. I’m feeling like I have a lot of energy which certainly helps with enthusiasm. I’ve still not been getting enough sleep but I’m except for Sunday night, its been good sleep. So that’s an improvement. I feel like my digestion has settled down – I’m still getting a bit of loud stomach gurgling about bedtime (I tend to eat dinner about two hours before bed). But without the feeling of bloating or discomfort. There have been a few times last week where I felt a bit vague and light-headed but I haven’t been cutting my carbs back to a ketosis diet level most days so I think that’s probably going to settle down.

I’ve been weighing myself each time I’ve gone to the gym and in the nine days I’ve put on 100gms. But in that nine days, the weight has varied by almost a kilogram either side. What’s far more significant is that I’ve lost 2cm from my waist and 3cm from my hips. Interestingly I’ve gained a centimetre in my thighs and calves – but I think that may have more to do with measuring myself after working out my legs a fair bit. Not that I wouldn’t be happy to have put muscle on (I’ve lost a fair bit) but I don’t think its that easy.

Today – did a good heavy weights session and rewarded myself with lamb cutlets and sweet potato fries.


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