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First Outdoor Run of the Year

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It is freezing outside! Ok, maybe not freezing to people living in Canada, but for the UK 4C is cold (supposedly this weekend is experiencing a cold snap that might bring snow on Monday or Tuesday – yay snow!).

But it wasn’t raining, and it didn’t look icy (it wasn’t!), I have bought myself a running jacket that’s mostly been used for cycling so far,  and if my argument is I can’t stand running on a treadmill – I need to get out there. So I did – rugged up with cycling glove, running jacket (yes a sports top underneath), running tights and a headband to cover my ears.

I was warm enough – if I’d run for longer probably too warm – but the run was hard. I didn’t try to push for speed, but still it was pretty laboured.  Was it because it was cold? I understand that cold weather thickens the blood so your heart works harder to pump it (one of the reasons there are more strokes in winter). Was it because I’m terribly out of shape? Was it because I’ve dropped my carbohydrates low enough I don’t have a ready supply? Was it because I’m just not eating enough in general?

I suspect a little of all the reasons. I definitely have been slacking fitness-wise. Yes I’m tired after my weights, but I really need to start forcing myself to do some sprints afterwards. And now that I’ve signed up for two half-marathons this year, I need to get much more running in on non-weight days.

I don’t think I’m eating enough. I think I have my MyFitnessPal calorie count set too low – so even when I’ve matched what it said, its not really enough. I’ve just adjusted it so that I should be looking at 1930 calories a day before exercise. I know the point of paleo is not to monitor your calories and just listen to what your body is telling you. But that’s a difficult thing to trust. At this point, I feel comfortable noting down what I’ve eaten and compare that with how I feel and what the numbers say.

I also decided to conduct a little experiment. The other day I said that I’d gained a centimetre on my thighs while losing elsewhere. I suspected that was because of the effect of exercising before measuring. So I measured my thigh prior to running, and again afterwards – 2cm difference! So I have lost size on my thighs but they certainly do expand with use.


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