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Day 16 of the Primal Challenge

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Thursday represented a bit of a slump for me. I don’t whether it was how I slept, or if it was something to do with the dance class the night before, but I woke up with a sore neck and also the feeling of a pulled muscle on my inner thigh. I wrote it off as a bit of nothing – slept wrong and it will get better – so cycled to work anyway. By lunchtime I was in pain. I had no idea I looked left as often as I do (that was the bad side) and post-lunch downed a couple of ibuprofen-codeine tablets (as the ibuprofen of the morning didn’t cut it).

So work became a write off for the rest of the day – I wonder if eating better to remove digestive issues makes your ability to absorb medication better? And when I got home I dug out the Paleo Comfort Foods that I got for xmas and whipped up the Chocolate Coconut Pudding. That recipe made six serves which I managed to consume in a day and a half. Funny how sometimes codeine completely destroys my appetite and other times seems to spark it – although truthfully it probably didn’t spark my appetite but covered up all the bits of my mind that said I’m not hungry and I don’t need to eat this and let me tap back into days of emotional eating. Still, if one is going to eat emotionally, its better than a lot of other options.


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