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Day 23/24/25 of the Primal Challenge with cheats!

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The last few days have been a little up and down. Thursday, I felt pretty rundown – work, lack of sleep, personal problems… I pushed myself to get to the gym, but did a fairly reduced workout. I didn’t drop any weight from my lifts but I didn’t do any of the extra lifts. Took refuge in a slightly indulgent sweet potato oven chips, and accidentally at all the lamb steaks instead of leaving one for breakfast.

Friday, a friend hosted Burns Night. So this was my first proper planned to cheat evening. The actual meal itself isn’t too bad from a paleo perspective:  Haggis,  mashed turnips and mashed potato (or neeps and tatties if you will). The haggis contains oats but that’s still gluten free, and since I’ve gotten over my fear of the interesting parts of the animals, it really suits my ecological sustainability concerns to eat all the animal.

We had homemade apple pie which was deliciously tart rather than overly sweet, with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream. Well it was only supposed to be once scoop, but mine went flying across the room so I got to have another one (I didn’t know ice cream could roll…). And as well as a few crisps that I helped myself to, we all had two macaroons each that another friend had brought from a French bakery in town. Oh and too much wine.

I felt pretty decent come Saturday morning. Considering I had to sit up for a bit when I got home until the world was still enough to lie down and sleep, I certainly can’t make any guess as to whether the slightly less than optimal stomach feeling was due to alcohol consumption or the small amount of grains/gluten I’d consumed. I don’t think the problem I have with gluten/grain is that dramatic – unlike my friend who was complaining about stomach pains after he cheated on Thursday with a pizza. If it just means I have to avoid wheat as much as possible but can enjoy rice/oats etc at a less than regular basis, I’ll be happy.

As I’ve started my training for the half-marathon in April, Saturday is my long run day. What I learnt today is that while an egg and bacon frittata is a lovely meal to start the day, not if you’re planning on using it to run 14km. I had assumed that all the carbs from the night before (potato, turnips, icecream, pie, booze, biscuits) would have been enough but apparently not. It was a very slow run and I didn’t feel good except for the fact that I finished it (technically 13.95km but as I was aiming for 13km, I’m fine with that).

I had forgotten to pick up any immediate after work out food so decided to experiment with a coconut milk smoothie. Coconut milk blended with frozen berries and a tablespoon of cocoa. Taste-wise it was good, not sure it even needs the cocoa. Problem was it was so very cold that it chilled me too much. By the time I finished drinking it I was shivering uncontrollably. I don’t believe I was in any actual danger, of course, my freezer is not that cold. But after seriously exerting myself my body does tend to lose its ability to keep itself warm (all those years in Australia – I had no idea this could be an issue). So instead of stretching and cooling down properly, I spent about half an hour standing under a hot shower.

After last night’s cheat dessert-wise, I decided dinner was going to have cheese! I hadn’t eaten cheese for almost a month. Taco salad: beef mince with taco flavouring, lettuce, tomato, spring onions, cheese, homemade guacamole (avocado, sour cream and jalapeños blended together). Incredibly tasty – too tasty! I ended up going back for a second dinner and eating all the leftovers that were supposed to be Sunday’s dinner. I know eating protein is good after an extended run to help prevent muscle loss, but I don’t think you need to eat so much your body temperature raises enough to stop you sleeping properly. Though I assume that effect was partly due to the messed up homoeostasis caused by the super chilled smoothie. Oh well, what’s a Saturday without a little overeating…

So my 30 day challenge hasn’t been very pure but its definitely been convincing me this is the way to go. And my reasoning is that by not limiting everything its more like a lifestyle I can keep following. Maybe I’m adding too many elements but I’d been reading so much on the effects of Vitamin d3 on sleep that I’ve purchased a bottle myself. Had my first d3 Friday morning – but my actions haven’t really made this a good test. I figure I’ll have a better idea come Monday.




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