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Day 26 and 27 of the Primal Challenge

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My Vitamin D3 experiment is coming along interestingly – I was late to work today because I’m 99% sure I turned off my alarm without really waking up. I’m still counting that as a success because I never normally sleep that soundly.

I’m also counting as a success the fact that I managed to get to the gym yesterday and today – the lovely world of pms where things just feel so much more effort than they normally do. Except it didn’t. Normally, if I push myself I can manage the same lifts, but at a reduced workout but anything cardio is just too much intensity to push though. But this time there was definitely still the feeling of this is harder than normal. If I’d slept better on Sunday night I’m sure I’d have managed my full routine on Monday. But I did the core exercises (squats, press, romanian deadlift, bentover row, hip thrusts and the exercises my massage therapist had advised me) and was surprised that the squats and the press didn’t feel that hard. I don’t mean they were easy but they both had the feeling like, maybe I’m going to be able to increase weight soon. Today was a hill run routine on the treadmill and I was really expecting it to be hard work. I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get to 20minutes. Instead I finished the full 25, and contemplated whether next Tuesday I’ll be putting the speed or the incline level up. If giving up grains means pms becomes so much less of a hindrance – its worth it to me!

Last and final success is one I’m not sure about. I’d been resisting the allure of chocolate for the last two days. I even looked on line while dinner was cooking to see if there was some kind of paleo chocolate dessert I could whip up quickly and easily. In the end I’m pretty sure laziness won rather than self restraint. Trouble with laziness … So I ended up having a dark chocolate bar (85%). I’m not considering having it a problem – a world without chocolate isn’t one for me. But it was clearly some kind of emotional urge rather than really a taste issue. And it wasn’t particularly satisfying. Not in I want more kind of way, but in a food doesn’t solve emotional needs kind of way. Which is good, now I just need to work on what does solve the emotional needs…



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