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2013 – New Years Goals

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Ok so I’m a little behind on my new year resolutions but then, I feel like this years aren’t as momentous as I’ve felt previously. These all seem reasonably concrete – an identifiable goal to achieve but aside from studying for certification they are all developing on patterns I’ve already started to set.


  • Follow a Paleo/Primal diet strictly for approx 30 days
  • Keep a food diary to identify food intolerances – so far big suspects are wheat, apples, onions and brocolli.
  • Follow a paleo/primal diet 80/20
  • Improve my cooking – aim of a new recipe every fortnight.


  • Make a roller derby team
  • Be able to do ten full pushups, I’ve kind of dropped wanting to do pullups. I still want to but it seems the goal doesn’t match my motivation for it. I think the limiting factors pushup-wise probably parallel my limits pullup-wise. I also suspect pushups will be easier to achieve if only that I don’t need any equipment.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing:

  • Start sewing again – did a few repairs/modifications of clothes last year but would like things to work a bit better. Need to start making some of my own clothes and a better effort of making the clothes I do have fit
  • Sort my wardrobe – a big change in defrumping my wardrobe last year. Still working on it. I’d like to get rid of or integrate all ‘closet orphans’ and I’d like to purge or adjust all illfitting clothes.
  • Read more – progress was not as good as I’d like, still waste too much time on the web instead of picking up a book. As a goal – I’d like to read a book a month.
  • Get regular 8hrs plus sleep.
  • stay in contact more – sent out initial contact emails, and then didn’t follow up on the responses.


  • two exams for certification over the year (ideally by July)
  • keep cv up to date

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