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2017 Return

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So after a hiatus of almost four years it begins again. 

There is nothing like buying a house that needs a lot of work to make livable to kill your time to do any blogging. And it was a success – SO and I managed to renovate a dilapidated house into a lovely living space. Another major renovation last year and we are almost done!

I did make a roller derby team! So that was a lot of fun but seems my style of play keeps aggravating a shoulder issue so I’ve made the decision to switching to referring. Much more a mental game and leaves more time to explore other interests.

I did manage to get to ten pushups too!

Diet has been the most up and down. Living without a kitchen for four months started the downward spiral.  As well as some mental health related binges. This led to some terrible ibs flare ups. Switching to a stricter low carb helped and my doctor has suggested testing fodmaps. I tried tracking last year but didn’t get a clear idea, after an erratic Christmas I’m tracking again.

My health and fitness interest hasn’t waned over the last few years so hear I am again.

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