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How to manage the Xmas Binge

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A timely post from Charlotte: Cookie Detox on how to manage the sugar cravings and crashes that come with Christmas treats.

I’m feeling a little strange approaching the Christmas break. I’ve not had the most healthy diet by any standard over the last few months but I have been trying to pay attention to how the different foods feel. Not as aware as proper intuitive eating but getting there. Will I manage not to binge? probably not. But I do know from experience eating sugar with fat and protein helps me feel better.


Thoughts on trying to plan Running and Nutrition

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When I first started exercising I oscillated heavily between lots of enthusiasm and heavy procrastination. This was especially so with anything cardio related – weights are so much easy for me to force myself to do. When I first started running I continued my lazy technique of rolling out of bed, put your gym clothes on, walk the five mins it takes to get there and be halfway through your workout before you’ve really woken up. With running, I would pull on clothes, jog to the nearby park, do a few stretches and then do my 5-12km run. And this worked pretty well  for up to 12km. After that I started having to look into eating beforehand taking water/carbohydrate drinks with me.

One thing I still have problems with is eating when I get back. This morning I finished off my last paleo chocolate coconut pudding before the run to make it a bit easier. Even though I took it pretty gently (11km in 1hr 15) fighting the wind meant it was a hard run for large parts. It just seemed to take ages to cool down and stretch, and then I thought I’d wait till after my shower to make something to eat. Well, I’ll put some coffee on and then I’ll cook something. By the time I sat down with my bowl of coconut prawn soup I was feeling woozy.

Would I have been better to just get up and go and save the pudding for when I got back? As I start looking to up my mileage on the weekend should I be looking to have food ready to eat when I get back – something like paleo muffins?

On the plus side with today’s running is, despite the wind, it felt easier than last week when I barely made 6km. I still walked the steepest part of the hill (a fact I don’t care about) but I didn’t feel like I was exhausted or my legs are giving up on me. My last two days of comfort eating had meant I’d upped my carbs a bit although I had intended to try that anyway. And I think it helped. With the amount of exercise I’m aiming to be doing I think its better for me to be eating closer to the 100-150gm rather than 50-100gm. At least on the days I am actually exercising. I also measured myself this morning (during that will I run outside/go to the gym decision making) and have lost another half centimetre of my waist, hips and thighs. So its not like eating more carbs have hindered me that way either.


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