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A lot of people have given up drinking alcohol as part of a January detox, but maybe the better option is to drink smarter and choose paleo friendly options.

Here’s another guide to meditation for those looking for a more grounded 2012. Maybe I’m biased, but in two different countries and many different centres I’m yet to come across a yoga practice that seemed to work with my body instead of just try for the pose, so this article came as no surprise.

Does your new year commitment to a paleo diet mean you’re explaining the why’s over and over again? Dr Terry Wahls talks about how the paleo diet means protecting your mitochondria. One of the key things that will come up when trying to explain a healthy primal/paleo diet is preventing inflammation. Mark looks at just what inflammation means for the body.  Unfortunately, Paleo isn’t a cure-all for everyone – Melissa talks about how she had to look further than a general paleo diet to resolve her IBS.

Ignoring the fat-fear-mongering, seems veggie burgers are the one time to avoid a high protein count – to avoid processed soy and actually get vegetables!

Seth takes a look at the value of the  epidemiological method. And Silverhydra asks does masturbation lower testosterone levels?


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