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A very prolific week of links…

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Another reason to exercise – it helps your body get rid of damaged or degraded cells.  And while exercise preserves muscle – it only preserves the muscle you use so don’t stop the full body routines… and sorry to disappoint – stretching doesn’t stop the doms.

How to ensure good gut health.

A new study suggests the marathon won’t kill you (if you’ve trained for it). Mark Sisson gives some advice on combining weight training with running, and here are some more tips to run faster.

A study postulating that most of humanity evolved with carbohydrate scarcity causing a greater insulin resistance to be selected for which is now what presupposes many ethnic groups for type2 diabetes.

Looking into the wider animal kingdom – researchers have discovered predators will hunt to ensure a nutritionally balanced diet.

Morning People – that’s as good as you’re going to be. Me, my brain’s just warming up!

Conditioning Research takes a look at the importance of sleep and its effect on obesity.

Evolvify takes a look at the (lack of) evidence behind the women like alpha males theory in pickup culture.

Despite being the ready energy source of many – another study suggests avoiding carbohydrates will help you stay awake.

Lifehacker looks at the science behind a bad mood.

From Not Just a Man’s World – a look at a study on the effects of resistance training on flexibility for young women.

Loren Cordain answers a few questions on the paleo diet – its going to take me a while to get through his paper on Cereal Grains.

A good reminder of the power of the placebo.


Lots of Links

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So in the first week of January’s  articles of achieving the new you – Australian dieticians have voted the lemon detox as the worst diet fad The Perfect Health Diet expounds a theory of obesity. Mark looks at how to tell if you’re inflamed. Do we really need to pornify exercise?

A high protein diet helps promote lean tissue, while its calories that boost body fat. A new study looks at the role of exercise on skeletal muscle glycogen breakdown for regulating insulin sensitivity. Another study is released linking low vitamin d and depression.

Another study showing marijuana is less harmful than tobacco. One day we may have a drug to protect against heat sensitivity (Australia here I come!). Sweet, Sour, Salty and Bitter are as outdated as the basic humours when it comes to human taste.

What better than the start of a new year to think of apocalyptic signs – India has reported cases of completely drug-resistant tuberculosis.

After reports that marathon running damages your heart, it looks like the risk may be overstated. On the opposite end of the activity scale, more evidence that even minor increases in activity can decrease the risk of heart attack.


Advice on Achieving your Resolutions?

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New Scientist rounds up scientifically sound ways to approach weight-loss .

  • vaccination – a growing number of microbes are being linked to obesity. While only a cold virus is proved, its still another reason to look at getting round to that flu jab
  • Relax – constant stress is linked to obesity.
  • Keep cold – or at least be exposed to it to keep the fat fighting brown fat stores in your body active
  • Eat a protein rich diet – it keeps you fuller longer, and one study suggests we have a baseline requirement and will keep eating till we hit that.
  • Avoid PVC type 3 plastic – containing phthalates and BPA, known endocrine disrupters (though the current regulations say we’re using safe levels)
  • Avoid light at night, especially blue light. More reasons to blackout the bedroom
  • Avoid polluted air (like that’s possible…)
  • Sleep!

If running is one of your goals, here’s a look at the pros and cons of a marathon. Advice on eating for a marathon without resorting to sports drinks and gels. Advice on training for a marathon while minimising the chronic cardio dangers. Of course, you could go the other way.

And a reminder to keep it in perspective when focussing on the new you – what does healthy look like?

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