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New Years Resolutions

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Update – not everything saved when I posted it from the phone…

So it’s that time. I started the year quite well last year but did too much without looking after myself and it kind of fell apart. This year I aim to make more of an effort to look after myself.

  • get eight hours sleep most nights
  • complete the 30 day paleo challenge
  • continue eating paleo most of the time
  • improve my paleo cooking
  • be able to do a full pull up
  • do the Survival of the Fittest and be able to get over the 6″ wall without help
  • move into my own apartment
  • complete the beginners swing dancing course and finally be able to stay for the intermediate and social dancing
  • run a half marathon in under two hours in May
  • finish a book a month
  • take the time to indulge my creative side at least once a week: painting, sewing, drawing, writing
  • Email/Call/Skype more often with friends and family
  • keep my home clean and tidy.
  • keep my house plants alive

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