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So in the first week of January’s  articles of achieving the new you – Australian dieticians have voted the lemon detox as the worst diet fad The Perfect Health Diet expounds a theory of obesity. Mark looks at how to tell if you’re inflamed. Do we really need to pornify exercise?

A high protein diet helps promote lean tissue, while its calories that boost body fat. A new study looks at the role of exercise on skeletal muscle glycogen breakdown for regulating insulin sensitivity. Another study is released linking low vitamin d and depression.

Another study showing marijuana is less harmful than tobacco. One day we may have a drug to protect against heat sensitivity (Australia here I come!). Sweet, Sour, Salty and Bitter are as outdated as the basic humours when it comes to human taste.

What better than the start of a new year to think of apocalyptic signs – India has reported cases of completely drug-resistant tuberculosis.

After reports that marathon running damages your heart, it looks like the risk may be overstated. On the opposite end of the activity scale, more evidence that even minor increases in activity can decrease the risk of heart attack.

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