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Can running help with skin conditions? And more evidence of the less is more approach to running.

The mainstream media is picking up on the increasing evidence that its the increase of sugar in our diet that has caused the obesity crisis. Its been posted everywhere, so I won’t comment much – low-carb diet came out best for longterm weight loss. But before you get too concerned, being skinny is more of a health risk than being moderately overweight.

Keep exercising! The evidence is mounting up that regular intensive exercise can keep your body performing like a much younger person (maybe not the fittest younger person, but still!). And if you’re afraid of the chronic cardio argument (or using it as an excuse) Jason Fitzgerald takes on the arguments against running. If you can – run outside. Running outside offers mental health benefits that running in a gym doesn’t. Don’t forget to strengthen as well as stretch to prevent ITB.

A comprehensive look at the dangers of phytoestrogens and why you should limit your soy intake.

Eating lowfat salad dressing decreases your ability to absorb nutrients from your salad.

It seems getting people to reduce their meat consumptions isn’t the ecological saviour to the planet that some people have (ardently) proposed. On the subject of unverified claims – it seems the danger of drinking while pregnant has been overstated. Fetal alcohol syndrome is real, but there’s no evidence that light or moderate drinking is implicated.

And the biggest news for all those interested in scientifically verified health news – British scientific research is to be made publically available within five years!


Advice on Achieving your Resolutions?

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New Scientist rounds up scientifically sound ways to approach weight-loss .

  • vaccination – a growing number of microbes are being linked to obesity. While only a cold virus is proved, its still another reason to look at getting round to that flu jab
  • Relax – constant stress is linked to obesity.
  • Keep cold – or at least be exposed to it to keep the fat fighting brown fat stores in your body active
  • Eat a protein rich diet – it keeps you fuller longer, and one study suggests we have a baseline requirement and will keep eating till we hit that.
  • Avoid PVC type 3 plastic – containing phthalates and BPA, known endocrine disrupters (though the current regulations say we’re using safe levels)
  • Avoid light at night, especially blue light. More reasons to blackout the bedroom
  • Avoid polluted air (like that’s possible…)
  • Sleep!

If running is one of your goals, here’s a look at the pros and cons of a marathon. Advice on eating for a marathon without resorting to sports drinks and gels. Advice on training for a marathon while minimising the chronic cardio dangers. Of course, you could go the other way.

And a reminder to keep it in perspective when focussing on the new you – what does healthy look like?

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